Geospatial Energy Mapper (GEM)

A comprehensive online mapping tool that helps to identify areas that are suitable for low- or no-carbon power generation and other energy-related projects

Illustration showing a variety of energy types

GEM provides mapping data and analysis tools for planning energy infrastructure in a geographic context

GEM is an interactive web-based decision support system that allows users to locate areas with high suitability for clean power generation and potential energy transmission corridors in the United States. Browse and download data layers, or create a custom suitability model to identify areas for energy development.

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The following new tools were added to GEM:A File tool, at the top right of the Legend, imports GIS files for display on the map. These files are only l ...
A new Plug-in Electric Vehicle Registrations mapping layer has been added, based on Experian's 2022 and 2023 data aggregated to the county level.

Layer Catalog

GEM offers an extensive catalog of mapping data for energy planning, including energy resources and infrastructure, and other information that may influence siting of energy infrastructure.


Interactive, flexible suitability models help identify areas meeting a set of technology-specific siting criteria.

Mapping Themes

Themes are a convenient way to quickly load multiple layers related to a particular technology or resource without having to manually browse and add layers to the map.

About the Project

Geospatial Energy Mapper (GEM) is a next-generation modeling tool built on the core data and capabilities of the Energy Zones Mapping Tool (EZMT) . GEM features an improved user interface, updated data, and additional capabilities. Argonne National Laboratory hosts the tool with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Electricity.

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